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    Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly

    Published by the Environmental Research Foundation, Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly, named in honor of Rachel Carson, provides timely information on toxic substances and other environmental hazards. The newsletter covers many technical issues, such as the toxicity of dioxin, incinerator emissions, rising cancer rates, and the intricacies of risk assessment, but it is written in plain language that anyone can understand.
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    P.O. Box 5036
    Annapolis , MD 21403
    Contact Person: Environmental Research Foundation
    Phone: 1-888-2RACHEL
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    Much of the information covered in Rachel's Weekly never appears in the mainstream media and can only be found in medical and scientific journals that most people never see. Furthermore, Rachel's Weekly tries to put environmental problems into a political context of money and power, so that people can see how all our problems - and all our local fights -- are connected. To address these "big picture" concerns, we discuss issues such as the influx of money into our elections, the enormous influence of multinational corporations, and other distortions of our democracy.

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