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Animal Defense League - New Jersey

The Animal Defense League is a nationally active grassroots organization working to inform the public about animal exploitation and abuse. Through community outreach, networking, legislation, public education, vocal demonstrations, and civil disobedience, we speak for those who can not speak for themselves.
P.O. Box 84
Oakhurst , NJ 07755
Phone: 732-296-1202
E-Mail: [email protected]
This page was last modified on 09/27/2001.

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Detailed Information:
The Animal Defense League's main tool is the protest. In an attempt to sway public opinion, we demonstrate our views in the places where they need to be heard the most, i.e. fur stores, circuses, etc. It is our belief that the greatest weapon against society is society itself. That is, through education we hope to obtain public awareness, an awareness that can lead to the destruction of the ignorance which makes modern society so callous and cold hearted. Once this is achieved, society in itself will right its wrongs and re-shape itself into a compassionate, intelligent entity. Until that day comes, however, we must continue to fight, for only our persistence and resolve can win this war.

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