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    Vegetarian Circle

    The Vegetarian Circle, VC, is a newly formed organization whose purpose is to promote vegetarianism. We want your support to get our movement "off of the ground". All we ask is that you contribute your thoughts, views, and beliefs.
    Grant North, 1199
    DeKalb , IL 60115
    Contact Person: Brian Weinstein
    Phone: 815-753-5291
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 06/09/2000.

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    Detailed Information:
    The way that the VC gets its name is that Vegetarianism is a process that is done through interaction. By spreading ideas and beliefs a circle is being made; from the first person who began the circle, to the last person who completes it. When the knowledge is passed back to the original person the circle is complete. If was not for all of the interactions along the way the circle would not have been completed. This is why vegetarianism, animal rights, or any other movement must be done through groups, interactions, and people.

    The goal of the VC is to contribute to vegetarianism and animal rights. In order to fulfill our goal we take a firm stance that it is wrong not to acknowledge that animals have rights. We are the ones to begin the circle and now we need you to complete it. Your actions, towards vegetarianism and animal rights help us fulfill our goal. So that one-day animals might have the same right to live as humans

    One of the reasons that the VC was created was that people could be given the chance to express their views. Many organizations do not give people the chance to contribute to the cause, expect in dollars. Yet, the VC is nothing like that; we want you to tell us what you think, how you feel, etc. This can be done through an essay, artwork, literature; these are merely examples of what one can contribute to the VC. So it is up to you.

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