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    Metaphysics by Default

    This site presents Metaphysics by Default, an ecological thesis which dovetails naturalism with metaphysical philosophy.
    Contact Person: Wayne Stewart
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 12/14/1999.

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    Detailed Information:
    ------------------------------------ The thesis draws upon the works of naturalists - also, it draws upon the works of metaphysical philosophers. And this may seem an odd juxtaposition of materials, as the two disciplines share little common ground at present. Dialogues between naturalists and metaphysical philosophers can be contentious; and we, being audience to the ensuing disagreements, are led to believe that a fundamental dichotomy separates the naturalistic and metaphysical disciplines or worse, to believe that one discipline can prosper only at the expense of the other. But these common notions are not sound. This document is an essay which proves that naturalism and metaphysical philosophy can coexist peacefully in the modern mind. The essay itself comprises nineteen chapters. The chapters are best read in sequential order, starting at Chapter 1. Readers who desire to judge the philosophy's practical value may prefer to skip ahead to Chapter 18. Metaphysics by Default can be useful to the ethicist or ecologist, and Chapter 18 explores this potential utility. ------------------------------------ Some supporting documents are also available through site navigation: Public forums have been opened, and all are welcome to contribute messages. A schedule displays the dates of upcoming public lectures. Appendices organize the essay's ancillary software programs and mathematical derivations. Works cited within the essay are listed after the appendices. ------------------------------------ Thank you for visiting.

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