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    The EnviroLink Network database has been created through a collaborative effort between dedicated EnviroLink volunteers and website visitors from around the world. The links on this site are submitted primarily by visitors like yourself and reviewed by EnviroLink volunteers before being approved. This helps to ensure that this website is organized in the best possible way, making the directory easy to use, intuitive, helpful, and fair to everyone.

    If there is any outdated information listed for a resource on this site, please help us maintain the database by browsing to the resource, then clicking on the link that says "If you notice any incorrect information on this page, please let us know."

    Steps for submitting a new resource:

    Step 1: Confirm that your resource meets EnviroLink's guidelines:

      EnviroLink is a comprehensive database of non-commercial websites relating to the environment, animal concerns and healthy living. Not included in this database are businesses, advertisements, personal pages, or any sites which sell products or services (beyond fundraising purposes for non-profit organizations).

      The suggestion form is not to be used for general information requests. EnviroLink doesn't have the resources to provide legal or other advice for local, regional or national environmental/animal rights issues. Please use the EnviroLink site to find the information you need.

    Step 2: Check to see if your site is already listed on the EnviroLink website.

      Look for your resource by doing a search at the top of this page (or using the Advanced Search page). If your resource is already listed, but has outdated information or is categorized incorrectly, please let us know by browsing to the resource, then clicking on the link which says "If you notice any incorrect information on this page, please let us know."

    Step 3: Find the appropriate topic

      Each resource may only be listed under one topic. Browse through the topics listed to find the best match for your resource. For a full list of topics, please see the list of topics.

      EnviroLink volunteers do visit each site submitted, and finding the best topic helps us process suggestions quickly.

    Step 4. Suggest your site from the appropriate topic

      Suggest your resource from the topic you've chosen as the best match for your resource. Do this by clicking on the "Suggest a Resource" link at the bottom of that category page and filling out the form. Please be prepared to provide the name of your resource, the website address (URL), a brief description and other relevant information. The final approval and placement of your site is determined by EnviroLink volunteers.

    Thank you for contributing to EnviroLink and helping this website grow!

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