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    81. Fruitarian Network
    Akron, OH, USA
    Comprehensive site explaining fruitarianism, the act of eating only nonviolent food (no killing or theft from animal or plant). ...
    Category: Organizations

    82. Fund for Animals
    New York, NY, USA
    The Fund is one of the largest and most active organizations dedicated to the cause of animals throughout the world. ...
    Category: Organizations

    83. General Vegetarian Questions About Vegetarianism
    Category: Articles

    84. Get Veggie Dogs in Major Baseball League Parks
    A campaign is underway to include veggie dogs among the regular concessions at major league ballparks. Find out more about it and what steps you ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    85. Go veggie to check SARS, says animal rights group
    Animal rights activists here have come out with what they call a simple solution to combat the deadly SARS disease -- go vegetarian. ...
    Category: Articles

    PCRM--Vegetarian Starter Kit ...
    Category: General Information

    87. Greater Nebraska Animal Rights League
    NE, USA
    This is a newly launched site dedicated to giving the residents of Nebraska timely information about Animal Rights issues in this state, focusing on Omaha ...
    Category: Organizations

    88. Green Singles - Personal Ads for the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights community
    Pickerington, OH, USA
    GreenSinglescom a contact network for members of the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights community and others who love the outdoors, holistic living, personal growth and ...
    Category: General Information

    89. Guide to: Vegetarian Cuisine
    On this site, I cover recipe-based topics ranging from quick meals to elaborate dinner party fare. I discuss every aspect of vegetarian life as well, ...
    Category: General Information

    90. Hamburger Connection
    For every hamburger made of Central American beef, the American consumer saves an average of only five cents.(1) Whether the beef was raised on land ...
    Category: Articles

    91. Hampton Roads Vegetarian and Living Foods Community
    Hampton Roads, VA, USA
    Category: Organizations

    92. Hard to Swallow - Fresno's Roosevelt High plans to rip out anti-dairy ad in yearbooks
    "We have a very big dairy industry here. We don't want to make political statements," said Principal Maria Escobar, explaining why she was removing the ...
    Category: Articles

    93. Hawaii Diet / Eat More, Weigh Less with Dr. Terry Shintani
    HI, USA
    The concept of Dr. Shintani's Eat More Index is best exemplified by his inverted food pyramid. Foods at the bottom tip such as dairy, poultry, ...
    Category: General Information

    94. Healing Heart Foundation
    HI, USA
    You can prevent or reverse heart disease by changing your lifestyle: What you eat, how you exercise and how you manage stress. Lower cholesterol, reduce ...
    Category: General Information

    95. Healthy Eating for Life Series
    Washington, DC, USA
    John Wiley ...
    Category: General Information

    96. Help Save Animals
    Please sign our petition to stop animal abuse, neglect and torture. There are many other ways to help us stop animal abuse. ...
    Category: General Information

    97. High on health
    ‘‘Soyabean is nature’s most nutritious food,’’ claims Niti Desai, a consulting nutritionist with Ruchi Soya, for their brand Nutrela. ‘‘Besides protein, it is also packed ...
    Category: Articles

    98. Houston Animal Rights Team
    Houston, TX, USA
    Houston based animal rights group dedicated to ending animal cuelty through education. ...
    Category: Organizations

    99. How On Earth! Online
    A Resource for non-mainstream teen life. New features, content, and topics will be added weekly. ...
    Category: Organizations

    100. Humane Investing
    Animal advocates go to great lengths to ensure that they do not contribute to animal suffering. From a vegan diet to not wearing leather to ...
    Category: Articles

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