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    81. Not Milk!
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA
    We are breaking down the greatest myth in America: that milk does a body good By establishing a stance against the dairy industry and the ...
    Category: General Information

    82. OohMahNee Farm Animal Sanctuary
    Hunker, PA, USA
    OohMahNee (a play on the word humane) is a farmed animal sanctuary located on 100 acres in western Pennsylvania Founded in 1995 OohMahNee is dedicated ...
    Category: Organizations

    83. Oprah beef lawsuit dismissed
    A federal judge has dismissed a lingering lawsuit that accused Oprah Winfrey of violating Texas' "veggie libel" law by maligning the beef industry ...
    Category: Articles

    84. Outreach coordinator - FARM
    Bethesda, MD, USA
    Category: Jobs and Volunteering

    85. Pagan and Vegan
    Open to all vegetarians vegans pagans ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    86. PCRM Breaking Medical News
    Whether you're a doctor student dietitian or layperson Physician Comittee for Responsible Medicine's new eNewsletter will provide you with the latest breaking news in nutrition ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    87. PETA protests pig roast
    A local church pig roast will go on as planned despite protest from a national animal rights organization ...
    Category: Articles

    88. PETA revives anti-milk campaign, targets 'party schools'
    Category: Articles

    89. PETA to Brewers: Let veggies join race, too
    The famous Sausage Race has been a tradition at Milwaukee Brewers home games since 1991 and features a meaty field of runners: Bratwurst Hot Dog ...
    Category: Articles

    90. PETA's 'Don't Be Cruel' Campaign Upsets Elvis Fans
    Elvis fans are in a tizzy over an unusual campaign that began in Memphis the home of Graceland The animal-rights group known as PETA has ...
    Category: Articles

    91. Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine
    Washington, DC, USA
    Founded in 1985 the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a Washington D C -based nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine particularly good nutrition and ...
    Category: Organizations

    92. Pork Purchase Protested
    A doctors' group is unhappy with USDA's decision to buy pork for the U S school lunch programme citing dangers to children's health ...
    Category: Articles

    The number of sentient animals being subjected to intolerable living conditions and untimely deaths is on the rise largely because consumers are replacing red meat ...
    Category: General Information

    94. Protecting Your Bones
    The bone-thinning condition called osteoporosis can lead to small and not-so-small fractures Although many people think of calcium in the diet as good protection for ...
    Category: General Information

    95. PtVo - Pennsylvania Teen Veg*an Organization
    PtVo is a mailing list for Pennsylvania Teen Veg*ns ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    96. Questions About Food Ingredients
    Category: Articles

    97. Questions About Vegetarian Travel and Restaurants
    Category: Articles

    98. Rancher-Oprah Beef Skewered
    A federal judge has finally put the longtime libel case against the daytime diva out to pasture by throwing out a beef industry lawsuit that ...
    Category: Articles

    99. Rancher-Oprah Beef Skewered
    A federal judge has finally put the longtime libel case against the daytime diva out to pasture by throwing out a beef industry lawsuit that ...
    Category: Articles

    100. Respect, Care, and Love for Animals
    NJ, USA
    Category: General Information

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