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    81. Stray dogs in Yugoslavia
    An active place to discuss ways of helping numerous stray dogs in Yugoslavia, where they multiplied because of the war and sanctions. Our task is ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    82. Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue
    Sun City, AZ, USA
    FOUR PAWS rescues cats and dogs in the Sun Cities, Arizona area, most particularly pets of seniors in crisis. While we constantly respond to calls ...
    Category: Organizations

    83. T.L.C. Animal Aid
    Our purpose is to give a temporary home to abandoned cats and dogs and to arrange for them to be adopted. ...
    Category: Organizations

    84. Teens for Animal Protection
    Terre Haute, IN, USA
    A site for Teens helping animals and making a difference in their community. ...
    Category: Organizations

    85. The Animal Spirit
    private, NJ, USA
    Volunteer-based, not-for-profit site promoting compassion for all animals through education. ...
    Category: Educational Resources

    86. The Trixie Foundation
    Webbville, KY, USA
    One of America's fastest growing no-kill animal shelters and animal rights organizations ~and the only known "pack" oriented facility of it's kind in the entire ...
    Category: Organizations

    87. Toronto Coalition for Bill C15b
    Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada
    The TCBC15b is a coalition of many local and national groups and individuals seeking to strengthen animal abuse laws in Canada. ...
    Category: Organizations

    88. UK National German Shepherd Dog Helpline
    Help and advice on all aspects of the breed and its welfare ...
    Category: Articles

    89. - Information and Discussion about Vegetarian Pets
    Cambridge, MA, USA
    This site provides information and discussion about vegetarian diets for companion animals. Its goal is to provide an educational, supportive community of vegetarians and vegans ...
    Category: Educational Resources

    90. Virginia Beach Animal Control
    Virginia Beach, VA, USA
    Category: Organizations

    91. Voice 4 Dogs, dedicated to bring about an end to the gruesome trade in dog and cat fur.
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom
    Campaigning to end the exploitation and slaughter of companion animals for cat and dog fur products. ...
    Category: Organizations

    92. WAVA - World Association for Voice of Animals
    Gordon, NSW, Australia
    WAVA is a non-profit charity organisation dedicated to promoting respect and humane treatment for all animals through education and campaigning for stricter animal protection legislation. ...
    Category: Organizations

    93. Westside Animal Rescue
    New York, NY, USA
    Westside Animal Rescue (WAR) is a NO-KILL, not-for-profit, all volunteer animal shelter/rescue located in New York City. ...
    Category: Organizations

    94. Wings For Greyhounds
    Studio City, CA, USA
    In 1996, we began flying retired racing Greyhounds between Greyhound rescue organizations working at the Arizona race tracks and the outlying Greyhound adoption centers in ...
    Category: Organizations

    95. Wisconsin Siberian Husky Rescue
    Madison, WI, USA
    Category: Organizations

    96. Woman Wants Dog Back More Than Stolen SUV
    A Woman Whose SUV Was Stolen With Her Dog in It Wants Her Pet More Important That the Vehicle ...
    Category: Articles

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