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  • The 10 newest resources in Animal Health:
    The Hidden Truth (posted: 10/03/2022)
    Meet Belina. She was rescued from a slaughterhouse just moments before certain death. Even though she was raised in miserable conditions, suffered various infections, and ...
    Category: Articles [the Coalition Against Lethal Methods in People Animal Conflicts] (posted: 02/02/2022)
    Resources to Effectively Argue Against Bow Hunting and Other Lethal Methods to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Islamic Concern: Animals in Islam (posted: 10/15/2009)
    The beautiful religion of Islam has always viewed animals as a special part of God's creation. The Qur'an, the Hadith, and the history of Islamic ...
    Category: General Information (posted: 07/25/2009)
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) (posted: 06/19/2009)
    Do you want to put an end to cruelty to animals? Then please consider getting active with Ireland's largest animal rights group, Animal Rights Action ...
    Category: Organizations

    Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (posted: 12/28/2008)
    Hook, Hampshire, United Kingdom
    Category: Organizations

    Meat The Truth (Film) (posted: 05/13/2008)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The documentary Meat the Truth is the first major project undertaken by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation. Meat the Truth is a high-profile documentary, presented ...
    Category: Publications

    Liberation of Brother and Sister Animals (posted: 04/27/2008)
    Derby , Australia
    LOBSA is a non-profit international Buddhist Animal Rights Vegan Organisation based in Australia. Our aims are to assist in the end of non-human animal exploitation. ...
    Category: Organizations

    The Fur Fighters (Burberry Campaign Game) (posted: 03/23/2008)
    Norfolk, VA, USA
    Category: Educational Resources

    Ban Snares Campaign (UK) (posted: 02/18/2008)
    The Scottish Government is currently deciding whether or not to ban snares. We believe a ban in Scotland can and should - lead the ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

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