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  • The 10 newest resources in Animals in Entertainment:
    Animal Concerns Community - Farewell (posted: 08/14/2013)
    Animal Concerns Community ( will cease operation at the end of August. ...
    Category: Articles

    Animal Concerns Community - Farewell (posted: 08/14/2013)
    Animal Concerns Community ( will cease operation at the end of August. ...
    Category: Articles

    Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) (posted: 03/06/2022)
    Salford, M5 0DS, United Kingdom
    The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is a UK-based charity leading the campaign to end the use of animals in entertainment.

    Through a combination of undercover ...
    Category: Organizations

    Red Bucket Equine Rescue (posted: 06/03/2022)
    Huntington Beach, CA, USA
    Red Bucket Equine Rescue (RBER) is a compassionate 50-plus horse rescue center in Huntington Beach, California. It opened in January 2009 after its founders learned ...
    Category: Organizations

    MFA Blog [Mercy for Animalcs] (posted: 06/01/2022)

    Mercy For Animals is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy organization. Founded in 1999 and over 25,000 members strong, MFA works to create a society ...
    Category: Articles

    Vegetarian Star - Capturing Celebrity Meatless Moments (posted: 09/08/2022)
    Vegetarian Star was started to bring you the best in meatless celebrity news and gossip. We publish stories on both veg and non-veg celebs when ...
    Category: Articles

    Code Animal (posted: 04/15/2008)
    Site contre l'esclavage des animaux dans les cirques. Référencement des cirques, états de lieux, réflexions et analyses. ...
    Category: Organizations

    No Rodeo (Australia) (posted: 03/25/2008)
    Smithfield Plains, Australia
    No Rodeo has been lobbying the government since October 2004 to seek total prohibition of this cruel blood sport in South Australia. Much of No ...
    Category: Organizations

    Chimp Haven (posted: 02/10/2022)
    Keithville, LA, USA
    We are an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide lifetime care for chimpanzees who have been retired from medical research, the entertainment industry ...
    Category: Organizations

    Fundacion Amigos del Planeta (posted: 01/30/2008)
    Bogota, Colombia
    Humane organization in Bogota, Columbia that works on campaigns such as anti-bullfighting as well as animal welfare issues. Site is in Spanish with English-language version ...
    Category: Organizations

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