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    Subtopics of Factory Farms:
  • Agricultural Pollution (9)
  • Animal Liberation (162)
  • Animal Transport (2)
  • Avian Flu (0)
  • Chicken Farms (55)
  • Confinement Farms (25)
  • Dairy Farms (32)
  • Eggs (2)
  • Fish Farms (2)
  • Foie Gras (4)
  • Fur Farms (29)
  • Goats (3)
  • Hog Farms (31)
  • Horses (10)
  • Kosher (3)
  • Mad Cow (16)
  • Meat (108)
  • Premarin (4)
  • Sheep (5)
  • Slaughterhouses (7)
  • State and County Fairs - 4-H (1)
  • Veal (10)

  • Categories within Factory Farms:
  • Actions You Can Take (25)
  • Articles (23)
  • Educational Resources (6)
  • E-Mail Lists (12)
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  • General Info (86)
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  • Organizations (124)
  • Publications (7)

  • Displaying 1 - 12 of 12 resources in Factory Farms and E-Mail Lists:

    1. South Florida Animal Rights
    FL, USA
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    2. Farmed Animal Watch
    For a free subscription to Farmed Animal Watch, send a message to: [email protected] Please type "subscribe" in the subject line and include your first and ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    3. Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    4. Activists Against Factory Farming
    Inviting everyone with an opinion on factory farming, be you veg or meat-eater. This issue affects us all and needs serious improvement. My related website ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    5. Animal Rights in Russia (in english)
    Russian Federation
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    6. AnimalLib-List
    AnimalLib-List is the majordomo mailing list of the Animal Liberation Action Group. This list is generally intended to have a local or Wisconsin orientation. The ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    7. Animals in Print Newsletter
    Animals In Print is an animal rights organization dedicated to educating others about cruelty towards animals. Animals In Print provides a free online newsletter for ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    8. Frontline-News
    Frontline-News is a News Only mailing list, bringing you uncensored news stories from around the world and updates of animal liberation prisoners from around the ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    9. PrimFocus
    PrimFocus - Primate protection issues, news, information and discussion. To
    subscribe to PrimFocus (or change your subscription settings), and/or to
    search the archives, go to

    For more information, ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    10. VeganViews
    The vegan ideal of non-exploitation is the greatest peaceful revolution ever known, in the better interest of human and nonhuman animals alike. Vegan Views is ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    11. wan-farm (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on farm animal issues (including battery hens). ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

    12. wan-fur (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on the fur issue. ...
    Category: E-Mail Lists

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