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  • Whaling (5)

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  • The 10 newest resources in Hunting and Trapping: [the Coalition Against Lethal Methods in People Animal Conflicts] (posted: 02/02/2022)
    Resources to Effectively Argue Against Bow Hunting and Other Lethal Methods to Resolve Human-Deer Conflicts ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Bite Club of KC [blog] (posted: 07/29/2009)
    Bite Club of KC is an independent, zero-profit animal rights and liberation activism group. Founded on 7/5/09, Bite Clubís mission is to amplify the efforts ...
    Category: Articles

    Save The Kangaroos (posted: 03/30/2008)
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    Australia exports approximately 3 million kangaroo skins, worth more than £12 million, to Europe and the USA every year. The vast majority of these skins ...
    Category: Organizations

    Animal Rights Africa (South Africa) (posted: 03/02/2022)
    Honeydew, South Africa
    In 2006 three of the most effective animal organisations in South Africa, namely Justice for Animals, Xwe African Wildlife and South Africans for the Abolition ...
    Category: Organizations

    Ban Snares Campaign (UK) (posted: 02/18/2008)
    The Scottish Government is currently deciding whether or not to ban snares. We believe a ban in Scotland can Ė and should - lead the ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Save Our Animals (posted: 03/10/2022)
    Wallington, United Kingdom
    Itís been months in the planning, but Save Our Animals is finally begun. Our Street Team website is up and running, and all systems are ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    American Hunt Saboteurs Association (posted: 09/05/2022)
    Fort Worth, TX, USA
    The American Hunt Saboteurs Association has begun a major project to become the definitive resource for Anti-hunting tactics of all types and underground Habitat Protection ...
    Category: Organizations

    American Hunt Saboteurs Association (MySpace) (posted: 09/05/2022)
    Visit us online at WWW.HUNTSAB.ORG The American Hunt Saboteurs Association seeks to provide knowledge and generate ideas regarding all aspects of the fight to protect ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Save Our Kangaroos (posted: 08/13/2006)
    Drummond, Australia
    Category: General Information (posted: 05/09/2022)
    Yarmouth Port, MA, USA
    Category: Actions You Can Take

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