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    North Carolina Law Would Make It Illegal to Expose Monsanto [Green Is The New Red] (posted: 05/29/2013)

    Two million people in 52 countries marched against Monsanto last week in protest of genetically-modified food and in support of consumer choice. Thereís international pressure ...
    Category: Articles

    Captive Animalsí Protection Society (CAPS) (posted: 03/06/2022)
    Salford, M5 0DS, United Kingdom
    The Captive Animalsí Protection Society (CAPS) is a UK-based charity leading the campaign to end the use of animals in entertainment.

    Through a combination of undercover ...
    Category: Organizations

    Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) (posted: 10/23/2012)
    Portland, OR, USA
    The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS or the Center), in collaboration with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, is an animal law think tank and ...
    Category: Educational Resources

    Live Vegan (posted: 03/05/2022)
    Bethesda, MD, USA
    Proposition 2 on California's ballot in last November's election requires that "... a person shall not tether or confine any covered animal, on a farm, ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    sticks and stones (posted: 02/25/2009)
    Category: Articles

    Gateway to Hell (posted: 12/30/2008)
    Gateway to Hell is an international volunteer campaign that aims to bring to the worlds attention that there are thousands of primates shipped all accross ...
    Category: Organizations

    International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) (posted: 06/05/2022)
    Clarks Summit, PA, USA
    Nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to promote the rights of animals through education and law. ...
    Category: Organizations

    World Week for Animals in Laboratories (posted: 04/18/2008)
    San Rafael, CA, USA
    Recent changes worldwide have brought major advancements for animals in labs with the goal of ending the use of animals in drug and chemical screening ...
    Category: General Information

    Save The Kangaroos (posted: 03/30/2008)
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    Australia exports approximately 3 million kangaroo skins, worth more than £12 million, to Europe and the USA every year. The vast majority of these skins ...
    Category: Organizations

    No Rodeo (Australia) (posted: 03/25/2008)
    Smithfield Plains, Australia
    No Rodeo has been lobbying the government since October 2004 to seek total prohibition of this cruel blood sport in South Australia. Much of No ...
    Category: Organizations

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