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  • The 10 newest resources in Social Sciences and Humanities:
    New World Vision (posted: 08/23/2002)
    Santa Monica, CA, USA
    New World Vision (NWV) is a Los-Angeles-based educational organization dedicated to creating a compassionate, peaceful and sustainable world through Humane Education. NWV serves as a ...
    Category: Organizations

    Performing Artists for Animal Rights (posted: 04/30/2002)
    Musicians coming together to take a stand against animal abuse. (Online streaming radio station) ...
    Category: Organizations

    Harvest Moon Community Farm (posted: 04/09/2022)
    Scandia, MN, USA
    Harvest Moon Harvest Moon provides children and families opportunities to explore the arts and their connection to nature in a rural environment.
    Category: Organizations

    Mindy's Memory Primate Sanctuary (posted: 02/28/2002)
    Newcastle , OK, USA
    Our goal is to rescue monkeys discarded as pets or from research facilities and provide a home for the lifetime of the animals. We maintain ...
    Category: Organizations

    The World from Within: Triumph and Failure of an Evolutionary Adaptation (posted: 02/27/2002)
    Guayabo de Bagaces, Costa Rica
    This is a collection of essays on the anti-nature bias of Western culture. It explores the mythic substrata of the abuse of animals and proposes ...
    Category: Publications

    Project SeaWolf (posted: 09/13/2001)
    Marysville, WA, USA
    Project SeaWolf, a grassroots, all-volunteer organisation, is dedicated to the protection of orca whales and the ecosystem habitats of other coastal wildlife species' in the ...
    Category: Organizations

    Best Friends Magazine (posted: 09/07/2022)
    Kanab, UT, USA
    Category: Publications

    Dr Beetle's Wild Page of Nature and Philosophy (posted: 07/23/2001)
    Dr Beetle explains the role of wildness in nature and animals. He disputes claims that nature is a selfish place where it is a struggle ...
    Category: Educational Resources

    Vegetarian Philosophy (posted: 06/13/2000)
    Prosperity, PA, USA
    Foundation For World Awakening has center in Monroeville, PA. Offering retreats for enlightenment (vegetarian) in India, and satsangs. ...
    Category: Organizations

    Hawaii Coral Reef Network (posted: 06/12/2021)
    Vancouver, WA, USA
    The Hawaii Coral Reef Network fosters education and research on coral reefs byfacilitating communication among the environmental, scientific, governmental, and public communities and enhances reef ...
    Category: Organizations

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