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  • The 10 newest resources in Vegetarianism:
    Albany VegFest 2013 (11/16/2013 - 11/16/2013) (posted: 07/05/2022)
    Albany, NY, USA
    Our goal is to continue to grow the expo into a nationally renowned event, drawing diverse speakers with an array of educational exhibits, bountiful information, ...
    Category: Events

    VegLatino (posted: 05/30/2013)
    VegLatino started as an idea for Latino Vegetarians and Vegans to share information regarding their experiences of staying away from meat in the Latino Culture.

    We ...
    Category: Articles

    Vegan Spirituality (posted: 05/24/2013)
    Vegan Spirituality is evolving to meet the needs of vegans who are both ethical and spiritual. Compassion, empathy, and reverence for all living beings are ...
    Category: Organizations

    WATCH: Justin Timberlake Brings SNL on Down to Veganville (posted: 03/10/2022)

    Justin Timberlake returned to “Saturday Night Live” for the fifth time last night as host and musical guest. Some of SNL’s long-time celeb hosts including ...
    Category: Articles

    Respecting Animals (posted: 01/08/2022)
    Portland, OR, USA
    Respecting Animals works to end all exploitation of animals by humans. We believe that all animals are individuals and have the right to exist free ...
    Category: Organizations

    Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas (posted: 06/04/2022)
    Grand Prairie, TX, USA
    We are committed to having a team of rescue-ready folks available to help animals in any local crisis, whether domestic or free-living. We maintain that ...
    Category: Organizations (posted: 03/12/2021)
    Todos los animales, incluyendo los humanos, somos seres sintientes. Eso nos hace idénticos en nuestra forma de sentir dolor y placer. Cuando decidimos evitar la ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Veganize it! (03/12/2021 - //) (posted: 02/06/2022)
    81503 E. COUNTY RD. 22, DEER TRAIL, CO 80105, USA
    Learn how to create seamless vegan versions of many traditional favorites.

    From nachos to chocolate chip cookies, we will show how simple substitutions can yield ...
    Category: Events (posted: 01/25/2011)
    Veguary is a student-run organization that encourages people to pledge to either eat no meat or less meat during the month of February (Vegetarian February ...
    Category: Actions You Can Take

    Society of PEACE (People for the Earth, Animals, Compassion and Enlightenment) (posted: 10/17/2010)
    Katy, TX, USA
    The Society of P.E.A.C.E. (People for the Earth, Animals, Compassion and Enlightenment) is a grassroots nonprofit community organization which promotes PEACE and Compassion for ALL ...
    Category: Organizations

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